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Individually Tailored Experience

We work with you one-on-one to pinpoint your goals and objectives and the best action steps to achieve them.




Comprehensive Approach

Consultation, Research & Pinpoint, Creative Direction, Planning, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production.


Professional Experience

Bleu Anchor Entertainment’s team are skilled and experienced creative directors, directors, writers, editors, and production professionals. 

Bleu Anchor Entertainment is an independent entertainment company endeavoring to create all things entertainment. Our production wing is focused on providing a platform where all creatives are welcome and celebrated. BAE is devoted to representing, elevating, and magnifying the artistic voices, underrepresented perspectives, and unique experiences of People of Color and women. BAE provides a home for true diversity, collaboration, and equality to exist, survive, and thrive through all forms of artistic visual expression. 


BAE is the perfect home for you if your artistic expression serves to uplift, motivate, educate, and/or celebrate the positive, complete, and truthful representation of women and People of Color. Whether a YouTube video, a Stage Play, Television Program, or Film, BAE will lift your two-dimensional exposition off the page and transform it into a 3D creation fit for the stage or screen. 

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Bleu Anchor Entertainment is a family of devoted, skilled, professionals well-versed in an array of creative fields: authors, directors, producers, editors, talent, etc. We are ready to help transform your dreams into reality through deliberate and focused action. We provide personal, individualized, production services so that our complete focus in on your narrative and message. 


Whether you’re interested in creating a stage play, film, or other video, our team will ensure that you project is the masterpiece you envision. 


Through every step of the process, Bleu Anchor Entertainment’s dedication to professionalism, supreme client service and satisfaction, and overall excellence is always paramount. We believe producing a remarkable visual representation of your 2D exposition is always a collaborative effort that requires a cohesive team—and the most valuable person on that team is you. 


Send Us A Dove and sail effortlessly from two-dimensional exposition to three-dimensional creation with Bleu Anchor Entertainment.

Why Bleu Anchor Entertainment is Unique.


We have designed our comprehensive production services to ensure your experience with BAE culminates with your dream manifested into reality: 


The initial consultation is designed for us to learn more about you and your project, to share our process, and to answer and address any questions or concerns you may have. 






Our focus is on discerning your overall objectives and determining the best action steps to achieve them. We will collaborate with you to establish and develop the concept for your project that serves your artistic needs.  


Once we have a firm grasp on your objectives, our initial action steps involve researching your industry and audience to ensure your project accurately and effectively conveys your vision. We know that how a message is delivered is just as important as the message itself. We use the information gathered during this stage to build the appropriate context in which to encapsulate your message. We develop a narrative that resonates with your audience and flows with your industry’s standards. 



Now that the narrative is set, we script it. We begin to gather together all the elements needed to create your vision and tell your story.




Pre-production is when we bring together all the elements of your project so we’re ready for the camera or stage. We pull together elements like performers, set directors, wardrobe and make-up, set locations, etc. Our organization, focus, and professionalism ensure once the show begins, everything flows smoothly. 



Action! All the pieces have been laid and the picture is clear. The talent, set directors, wardrobe and make-up, location, etc., are in place and ready for their close up. We execute the plan we’ve put in motion and you see your creation come to life. 



Now that we’ve had some fun, the heavy lifting begins. The intricate and crucial process of editing your video commences. Our post-production team jumps in to transform various clips into a fluid work of art. The footage is enhanced where necessary with color and light adjustments, sound design, special effects, and any other techniques available. 

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