The Journey is a collection of poems that explore failures and triumphs. It takes the reader on the very relatable path of life where trials and tribulations are overcome with determination, friendship, and love. 

Table of Contents


Title Page



Part I - The Departure


(1) Road Trip

(2) I Woke Up

(3) Don't Listen to Em

(4) Know Your Worth

(5) Free Me

(6) I Am Broken

(7) How Did I Get Here?


Part II - Off The Path


(1) Lost/Truth

(2) The Rainbow Is Not Enough

(3) The Comfort Zone

(4) I Wanna Be Good

(5) Almost There

(6) Time's A Wasting

(7) More Like Me


Part III - The Arrival


(1) Your Worth

(2) Be

(3) The Skin I'm In

(4) I Am Here

(5) Let There Be Light

(6) It Feels So Good

(7) Untitled




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