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Lynell E. Everett, Esq. was born and raised in East Saint Louis, Illinois. As the youngest of two brothers and one sister, Lynell learned early that she had to be bold, assertive, and uncompromising to be heard and succeed. These traits would serve as the foundation she would stand on as a child and into adulthood. They would also create the waves that eventually led her to law school.

At six years old, she would take on her school's entire administration when she exercised her Constitutional right to refuse to stand and recite the "Pledge of Allegiance." Not long after that, she would take on that same administration when she realized the school had a policy allowing only the school boys to use the playground equipment, while the school girls were relegated to jump ropes. Fully supported by her parents in these legal endeavors, Lynell learned early that she had a voice and could use it to make significant change. 

Developing the strength, drive, and tenacity to stand up and speak for herself early in life, Lynell later embraced her duty to stand up and speak for those who could not do so for themselves. Initially limiting such support to those in her personal life, Lynell eventually went on to Southern Illinois University School of Law in Carbondale to make it part of her professional life as well. Initially, focusing her legal career on helping the victims of domestic violence seek civil remedies, she later expanded those efforts to assisting those in family law disputes. 

Recognizing that although some situations eventually must be dealt with and resolved in court, some issues are not suited for litigious remedies. So, immediately after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from EIU she continued on to receive a second BA in Psychology (planning to obtain her PhD in the same). However with the recent landscape of racial tensions and injustices reaching a boiling point, Lynell recognized that it was once again time to expand her legal repertoire. In 2015, she received her Master's of Law degree from SIUC where she focused in criminal law and procedure. 


Despite the slight detours, Lynell has never strayed far from her true passion: creative writing. In the midst of the on going activism and legal and psychological studies, Lynell has continued to keep the spotlight on her writing. At nine years old, Lynell wrote her first short story which went on to place 1st in the Illinois statewide regional writing competition. She wrote her first poem at the age of 12, eventually having later poems published in an anthology. 

It has been Lynell's lifelong plan to share her unquestioned talent for writing with the world. Writing, however, serves as merely the foundation upon which Lynell, through Bleu Anchor Entertainment, LLC is building an empire whose primary purpose is to celebrate, elevate, and disseminate the extraordinary artistic works of People of Color and women.

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