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Bleu Anchor Entertainment is a family of devoted, skilled, professional authors, editors, and publishing experts ready to help turn your dream into reality through deliberate and focused action. We provide personal, individualized, one on one guidance so that you are supported, encouraged, and motivated throughout the publishing process and beyond. 

Whether you’re interested in publishing a memoir, novel, self-help book, cook-book, or anything in between, our team will ensure that your book is the masterpiece you envision. 

Through every step of the process, Bleu Anchor Entertainment’s dedication to professionalism, supreme customer service and satisfaction, and overall excellence is always paramount.  We believe producing a remarkable written work is always a collaborative effort that requires a cohesive team—and the most valuable person on that team is you.

Why Bleu Anchor Entertainment is Unique.




Bleu Anchor Entertainment (BAE) is an independent publishing and book distributing company providing a platform where all creatives are welcome and celebrated. BAE is devoted to representing, elevating, and magnifying the artistic voices, underrepresented perspectives, and unique experiences of People of Color and women. BAE provides a home for true diversity, collaboration, and equality to exist, survive, and thrive through all forms of written expression.


You’re in the best place if you’ve dreamed of being a published author for years, inspiration for your first manuscript just struck, or you’re anywhere in between as an author. BAE’s team of professional ghostwriters, co-authors, and publishing staff are skilled in working with all experience levels from novice to published. We will work with you one-on-one throughout the entire publishing process from the initial consultation through to holding your completed work in your hands. We will ensure that your creation is well-written, polished, and professionally published no matter what form, genre, or type. Our highly skilled, professional team will be there to edit, proofread, and format your work, culminating in an engaging, error free book you are proud to release to the world. 

If you have only an idea and not a draft manuscript or if you need help writing your manuscript prior to publishing, BAE is the best place for you. We have experienced authors ready and willing to bring your worthwhile idea to fruition, whether by ghostwriting or working as your co-author. We have designed our ghostwriting/co-author services to help you achieve your publishing goals. Our services are structured to meet your individualized writing needs, whether you’re a novice, an expert, or any skill level in between. We will work with you one-on-one from the initial consultation and planning phases through to publishing. 



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